5 Tips For Renting and Orange County Prom Limo

Published Date Author: bfm, March 9th, 2010

Prom is the most exciting event in the life of any high school teenager. He dreams, plans, and prepares for months to make his prom night special. It happens with the students in Orange County (OC) as well who on the prom night settles for nothing less than a lavish Orange County prom limo. But the question is-how to decide which Orange County limo to hire for the purpose? As you know a wrong choice, particularly of a limousine, will shatter the dream of having an exciting and fun-filled prom night. Therefore, I have decided to share the limousine hiring tips that I used when I was in high school.

5 Tips for renting a prom limo

  •   Make a list of friends who will be part of your party for the prom night, and write down their pick-up location. I will suggest you to ask your friends to assemble at one point from where the hired limo will pick you all up. Door-to-door pick-up is unnecessary. It will waste your precious time.
  •   Sit with your friends who will accompany you to the event to prepare a budget for the night. Ask everyone how much money each one of your friends can contribute.
  •   Make a list of the activities you will be doing and things that you want in a limousine to make your night memorable. Add the expected expenditure on the activities to the expected expense on limousine rental then see whether you are within your budget or not. Talk to your friends, if you have crossed the budget and see if you and your friends can contribute a little more money to cover the deficit. Discuss with your friends and strike out some activities from the list, if stretching the budget is difficult.
  •   Prepare a list of limousine service providers in the county that offers prom services. You will have many options as there are many Orange County prom limo service providers waiting to make your prom night exciting. In this, a little bit of research will go a long way.
  •   Make a primary list of 8-10 Orange County limo companies basing your decision on features you want in your prom limousine and the budget you have. Call the shortlisted limousine companies and inquire about rates, available cars, cars’ capacity, special prom packages, and their availability on your prom day. This will help you come up with the final list containing not more than 3 OC limo providers.

    Go for a reliable Orange County limo company. This will not only insure that you get all the excitement you deserve, but it will also make your parents confident of your safety.

    Do not worry about availability of choices. The county is a very lucrative market for prom limousine rentals as it has more than 100 high schools: seventy-eight public, eight Catholic, seven Christian, six nonsectarian, two Jewish, one Lutheran, and one Episcopal.

    All you need to think about is your budget, dress, party, prom, and the things you want to do to make your prom exciting.

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