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Published Date Author: admin, July 15th, 2009

The Temecula Valley Wine Country lies in the heart of Southern California’s famed wine region. Temecula is a Native American name meaning “place of sun,” and visitors and residents fondly translate this asĀ  “where the sun breaks through the mist.” Nestled among lush coastal mountains, Temecula boasts an amazing climate, rich history and beautiful vineyards, with numerous recreation and entertainment options to boot. And a day trip to Temecula’s world-class wineries can be made even more luxurious and memorable by taking a limousine tour.

More than just fine wine

Temecula Valley has evolved from being an area known primarily for Callaway Chardonnays to a world famous wine region and travel destination. The Valley is situated 1100 meters above sea level, and its microclimate and well-drained soil have enabled winegrowers to cultivate award-winning sangioveses, viogniers, and ruby ports. Temecula’s beauty and climate have also made it a popular getaway for urban residents looking to escape the heat and crowds of the city, and visitors today can enjoy a great deal more than just Temecula’s fine wines.

In addition to vineyard tours and wine tasting, balloon rides are a great way to have fun and see breathtaking panoramic views of the Valley. The restaurants of the region match its wines in terms of selection and quality. There is a host of recreational activities such as spas and casinos, and numerous entertainment options can be found in its music performances and weekend festivals.

A limo tour of the Valley

Limousine tours make a visit to Temecula the ultimate experience in luxury and relaxation. Visitors can choose private trips or join a group on a guided tour of the area’s finest vineyards and wineries. Experienced chauffeurs and guides provide excellent service and rich accounts of the valley’s wines, popular spots and history.

Temecula Valley is serviced by numerous limousine companies offering tours and packages for visitors. Being almost equidistant from Los Angeles, San Diego and Orange County, the Valley is visited by vacationers and wine aficionados from all over the world, and all types of visitors can find a limo company to suit their language needs, tastes and budget.

Shopping around for a limo service

In order to find the right match and the best value, some research is required. Several online directories offer comprehensive information regarding Temecula limousine tours, and it is easy to shortlist a few companies from a preliminary search. The next step is to contact the companies individually and ask about their services and prices. Detailed information about the company’s fleet, features and additional charges should be acquired before making any decision.

Customizing the tour

With so many sites and leisures to choose from, it can be hard to pick the best places and activities. This is where a quality limousine provider can make all the difference. Such tour companies provide customers with customized itineraries and tour options. Honeymooners, big travel groups and single vacationers can all find or design a trip ideally suited to their purpose, be it wine tasting, gourmet picnics or going to a jazz festival.

Discounts and packages

Limousine tours can be surprisingly affordable, especially for visitors who do a little extra research to look for the best deals. Many limousine tour companies provide numerous discounts, not only on their own services in the form of day-long trips, but also for other places in Temecula. Visitors can get exclusive concessions on tasting tickets, balloon rides, winery dinners and numerous other options.

Reliability of service

Since many visitors are unable to visit the company before signing a contract, it is important to look for customer reviews and make sure that the company and its vehicles have a clean record. Such information can be found online, at the Better Business Bureau and the California Department of Motor Vehicles.

Temecula Valley is a unique blend of history, natural beauty and modern convenience, attracting visitors of all ages and backgrounds. A limo tour of the Temecula Wine Country can make this trip even more fulfilling and memorable without putting a dent in the traveler’s budget.

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Andre W - Gravatar

www.miamilimos.blogspot.com/ Andre W said on July 26, 2009, 11:36 pm:

We toured in Temecula last year and stayed at Pechanga Resort. I would never do it without a limo. Too many wineries and too many great wines to taste and far too much risk to drive the route after trying these great wines. Limos are the practical and affordable option when going as a group – and what better way to enjoy a wine tour than in a group. No better way than what was suggested in this article. It never hurts to have a guided tour from someone who knows the area as well. See you there!

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