Orange County Limo Chauffeurs – Great People to Travel With

Published Date Author: admin, July 28th, 2009

Orange County limo chauffeur is not just a driver of limousine you have hires; he is lot more, although his main task is to drive the limo to the destination of your choice. Limo chauffer is one who has undergone special trainings in order to be just licensed to drive a limousine as orange county limo services expect more than just driving out of their chauffeurs.

A limo chauffer is required to know and perform many things other than just driving the limo. Since limousine is after all a car, any mechanical problem may occur any time. Orange County limo services require their chauffeurs to know at least basics of mechanical problems of the vehicle and how to deal with them. They have very tight schedules and it is not always possible to bring the limo to workshop for repairs, hence a limo chauffeur himself is able to perform minor repairs, even on the way to job. A limo chauffeur has to ensure that limousine will continue working for which he has to check the car before the trip in all respects. They have to help their passengers get in and out of the limo and carry luggage if porters are not there on the spot.

An Orange County limo chauffeur is also required to treat the client like a celebrated guest. They are also expected to enhance grandeur the occasion with their great style and attire. For this, they are specially trained and groomed. Being a limo chauffeur is a complete service that does not only need skills but also a great attitude. Besides this, they are also required to have a good sense of direction and are familiar with most likely to be visited places in Orange County as they have to get their clients from one place to another without any delay or trouble. Orange County limo services require their chauffeurs are tested for all these skills before getting a licensed.

Limousine, being a luxurious and complex vehicle, requires special care ranging from limo specific mechanics to cleaning, safety inspections, refueling, tire work, and glass washing etc. Limo chauffeurs are also required to keep first aid kits and fire extinguishers as compulsory part of their entourage and must be well trained to use them. Orange County limo services ensure their chauffeurs know these kinds of things well.

Orange County limo rentals even offer far more great services through their professional chauffeurs. If you have already booked a limo before your arrival at LAX Airport, limo chauffeur will be already waiting for you at arrival before time of landing and will help your clear your luggage. This is a great relief, especially, if you are have travelled a long flight and are tired. Limo chauffeurs are specially trained to take care of all needs of their clients.

It is fact that Orange County limo chauffeurs are not just drivers; they are great people to travel with who can make your every travel with them a memorable event.

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Lax limo - Gravatar Lax limo said on November 22, 2009, 8:28 pm:

So true, I’m a regular patron in OC and I can attest to this.

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