Orange County Limousines: How to Find the Right Limousine Model

Published Date Author: admin, July 15th, 2009

A limousine rental in Orange County can provide the ideal traveling option for a host of special occasions such as weddings, bachelor/bachelorette parties and corporate events. The right limousine model for a given occasion depends on the travelers’ budget and the time of booking. Models should be carefully considered keeping the budget and traveling requirements in mind, and should be booked as early as possible.

For small groups of around 12 to 15 people where the primary objective is traveling in comfort and style, such as for a prom or bachelor/bachelorette party, the most popular model is a stretch limo. Stretch limousines are classic contemporary models such as the Ford Excursion Stretch, the Navigator Stretch and the Escalade Stretch, and come with all kinds of luxury features including Satellite TV, GPS systems, video games and DVD players. Prices vary depending on features and seating capacity. Stretch limos come in a variety of models ranging from Lincoln Town cars to Rolls Royce, and can provide ideal travel experiences to small groups of all types and budgets.

For large groups of up to 20 people who want to travel, party and make a riotous style statement all at the same time, the ideal limousine type is a Hummer. The Hummer limo is one of the hottest and most luxurious models on the limousine market today and comes with every manner of imaginable comfort, such as laser lightshows, fog machines, plasma televisions and full bars. In fact, any possible feature you can imagine (karaoke machine, casinos, lava lamps) can be featured in a Hummer limo. These limos are sure to attract attention wherever they go, and are one of the most popular limo models in Orange County.

For big groups out on the town for a team celebration or upscale Bachelor’s party, the best model may be a Party Bus. Also known as a ‘land yacht,’ a Party Bus can hold up to 40 people and make for a playful and luxurious time. Depending on budget and customization, these limo buses can offer the ideal partying solution for bachelor parties, family get-togethers and sporting celebrations. The features of a Party Bus are customized by the limousine rental company, and can include everything from a full bar and LCD TV to onboard restrooms and dancing poles. Limo rental companies can also make arrangements for party hostesses and handle other partying, travel and safety needs.

Another limo type popular with young couples and executive groups is the SUV limo. SUV limos are more maneuverable and affordable than Hummers and Party Buses and roomier and more kid-friendly than stretch limos. These limos can comfortably seat up to 6 people, provide a lot of luggage capacity and kid-friendly features such as baby seats. Bigger SUV models can match the roominess of a Hummer without compromising on safety. The features of SUV limos can vary depending on model and rental company, and can be the ideal combination of low-key luxury and safety. The Cadillac Escalade ESV, Yukon XL and Chevrolet Suburban are some popular SUV models.

When booking a limousine model, it is always a good idea to allow for extra room and also ask about special discounts and perks. Prices vary depending on the type, features and availability of a given model. Orange County limousine rental services are especially busy during graduation party season, wedding seasons and weekends, so advance planning and early booking are essential for getting the ideal model.

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